iPhone Upside-Down Hack

iPhone Upside-Down Hack

Here is an excellent little lifehack for your iPhone I came across.

Ever get stressed over all your little app icons? Well, obviously, you could start with just deleting the ones you don’t need, right?

Besides that, there is a strange logic to the way your icons are organized. We tend to distribute them, in the same way, we would read a book – from the top left corner and down. But it doesn’t really make a lot of sense, considering that your hand is usually located at the bottom of the phone and your main instrument – that being your thumb, will either be pointing toward the right or left corner.

There is a pretty easy solution to this – simply start from the bottom and work your way up instead.

Check out the link the; the guy with the solution – from there you can also download your new blank bookmarks and background.

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